Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Remedy for Arthritis

Try this: Wound Balm 
Why it works: Wound Balm contains a spectrum of colloidal minerals which, when applied to the skin are absorbed into the surrounding tissues. In arthritic conditions, the minerals go to work right where they are needed.  
Try this, too: Super ACV, Free and Easy™ 
Why it works: Super ACV helps the body regulate pH, which is one believed cause of arthritis- acid in the joints. Free & Easy contains steroid saponins, which are natural substances that help reduce inflammation without side-effects. Additionally, it contains a spectrum of vitamins, minerals, herbs and compounds which actually address the damage and help re-build the joint tissue.
 "I use the wound balm on my patients who have arthritis- especially in their feet or toes- rub it in and put a sock on it. It really seems to help them with the pain a lot- and just like we use it for horses when they have excess calcium knots on the bone- it will work like a charm in people in that way too." -Julie Montgomery Silver Director, Tennessee