As a Dynamite® Distributor, you can earn money in two ways. First you purchase the products at a discounted wholesale price and sell at retail, keeping the profit margin. Second, you can earn commissions as you build your own sales organization by recruiting and training other distributors.

People who achieve their financial goals are usually people who see an opportunity that others did not see, and then take the necessary steps to achieve financial freedom. When you become a
Dynamite® Distributor, you become the owner of your own business. You are free to create any number of exciting possibilities for yourself. Whether your needs are for a part-time job and a little extra income, or a thriving full-time business with unlimited income potential, YOU can decide what you want to create!

Please review the following information to learn how to be a part of this unique community of people:
1. Speak with your current distributor, or the person who told you about our products and ask for an official "Introduction Pack" to help you decide if becoming a distributor is right for you.

Because we are a network marketing company, you will need to have the assistance of another distributor, who will be called your "sponsor."

2. Complete the online application (see join option below) and pay the $100 application fee. Be sure to select a replicated website ID which will be LIVE the second you complete the application (ex: http://www.dynamitemarketing.com/
yournamehere). This optional retail website is FREE for 3 months and allows your customers to shop online and have the commissions go to you! The site is $4.99/mo after the free trial period.
3. Using your new distributor ID which will be created as soon as you join, log in to your back office at www.DynamiteSpecialty.com and place your first order. Remember, we require the first order be a minimum of $150 worth of product at wholesale (this is the only time a minimum order is required). Shipping will be refunded on all first-time orders, excluding bulk tonnage or bulk feed items [Alpaca Feed], and limited to 2 bags each on Dog Food or PGR.

Click here to become a distributor.