Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Remedy for Headaches/ Migraines

Try using: Izmine  
Why it works: Headaches can be due to mineral imbalance in the body but often it is hard to put your finger on which mineral. Izmine contains a full spectrum of minerals in small amounts. Additionally, many migraine sufferers are deficient in magnesium and Izmine contains magnesium.  
Try this, too: Take a few PMS daily and/or Hiscorbadyne
Why it works: Magnesium deficiency is believed to be one of the primary reasons for migraine headaches. Dynamite's Premium Magnesium Supplement (PMS) is a great way to supplement that mineral. Another possible cause of migraines is dysfunctional circulation of blood through tiny capillaries. Hiscorbadyne not only strengthens the capillaries, it also works to un-stick red blood cells that otherwise would not move through the tiny capillaries of the brain. "Last time I started feeling the warning signs of a migraine, I popped a handful of Izmine and the debilitating pain never got a chance to start. Thank you, Izmine!" -Brianna Clark, Customer Service Representative