About Dynamite

Home of the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements for all living beings.

For more than 27 years, Dynamite has manufactured an entire line of nutritional products whose quality and effectiveness are unsurpassed. We offer our products for sale through distributors who share our vision of health. Our distributors enjoy the independence of a home office and the benefits of earning an income doing something they love.

The mission of Dynamite and each of its distributors is to improve the lives of all living creatures, extending from people and horses to dogs, cats, ferrets, alpacas, birds, zoo animals as well as plants and crops. The cornerstone of our success has been and always will be quality. Our manufacturing process is done with careful detail to ensure each finished product meets the Dynamite standard. Because of this, Dynamite guarantees the quality of our products 100 percent.

Dynamite is unusual in the industry because of the inclusion of human-grade materials, organic ingredients and chelated minerals in our animal supplements. All Dynamite supplements are top-of-line and utilize cutting-edge technology—leading the industry.

You simply won’t find a company more committed to excellence in nutrition, balance of nutrients and quality of ingredients. We want to help you, your animals and your plants reach new levels in health while providing a real opportunity for financial independence.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, environmentally-sound products in a business format that offers maximum personal financial opportunity.


In 1933, August and Carmalita Zamzow founded a feed formulation and manufacturing business. Hard work, quality feeds, customer service and integrity grew their company, Zamzows, Inc. into a 10 store retail chain that still thrives today. These attributes have always been the cornerstones of Dynamite.

In 1982, Jim Zamzow, grandson of August and Carmalita, founded Dynamite Marketing, Inc. Jim’s vision is to improve the health of all living beings through better nutrition. Dynamite products reflect this vision. Jim is a graduate of Boise State University and has extensively studied nutrition, soil science, microbiology, mycology and herbal medicine. Jim also works closely with a vast network of nationally recognizable experts in these fields to develop for Dynamite the finest products available.

Jim’s children, Jos Zamzow and Callie Novak have worked in the business their whole lives. In Dynamite’s third decade, they took on leadership roles. Jos primarily leads the fertilizer division and manufacturing while Callie leads the Specialty Products (MLM) division operations. As a family, the Zamzows are committed to the legacy of August and Carmelita and a hereditary dedication to hard work, quality products and unsurpassed customer service.