Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tess Wins 1st Place in Season Opener Sheepdog Trial

Champion sheepdog Tess, sponsored by Dynamite Specialty Products, is back home after winning first place in the season opener sheepdog trial in Hepner, Oregon.

The first official trial of the season featured dog handlers from all over the Northwest, including an array of award-winning dogs. Tess’ excellent start to the season among such impressive competition is testimony to the benefits of sound canine nutrition and prebiotics as well as good training and instinctive drive.

“This is a promising victory,” said Callie Novak, CEO of Dynamite Specialty Products, which sponsors Tess. “Whenever a sponsored dog does well in the season opener, it creates excitement in the field that carries the whole team through the up-coming trials.”

Tess’ handler, Lavon Calzacorta, believes that much of his dogs' success, in addition to their training, is due to their food and dietary supplements. All are designed to provide both mental and physical energy for sheepdog trials, in which dogs have to perform a variety of different tasks for their handlers.

“My dogs look good, feel great, and run well,” he said. “They work for 12 to 14 minutes at a time at full speed. You can tell that some competitors at sheepdog trials are exhausted when they come off the field. My dogs are still ready to go.” Tess uses Showdown Pro to support energy, coat health, stamina, focus, and recovery.

Calzacorta works with his dogs at his home outside of Boise, Idaho more than 15 hours a week. Training begins when they are 12 to 16 months old. Tess was bred at the Helsley Ranch in Caldwell, Idaho. Calzacorta noted that Dyna-Pro prebiotics for dogs is a constant ingredient in dog nutrition for Tess. Dyna-Pro uses a fermentation extract for the health of natural gut bacteria. It is primarily given to dogs and horses, but can be given to a variety of other species.

“Our slogan is that ‘It’s all about guts,’ and it is, both mentally and physically,” he added. “It takes guts for a dog to stare down an old, angry ewe that doesn’t want to move. The dog’s physical guts have to be working properly. If a dog doesn’t feel good, it won’t perform well. The gut is where it all starts. Dyna-Pro prebiotic improves gut health and gives dogs and horses an edge they can’t get with any other product.”

Tess’s next competition will be at the Big Willow trial in Payette, Idaho May 12-13th.
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