Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dynamite Testimonial—Border Collie Champions

Tess at 14 years old

My Border Collies are proof of the power of Dynamite products. Nan won four Open trials and Open Dog of the Year for the Washington Association for Stockdog Handlers in 2010. Rainey has won at least four ProNovice trials and Sava just won a ProNovice trial. My Dynamite dogs are winners and consistently top-placers. I see a huge difference in stamina, mental performance, and edge, and in their coats. Even my 14-year-old Tess still can clear a four-foot fence. All my dogs are on Showdown, Dyna Pro, and Super Premium. Tess is on Yucca and Free & Easy. Before Dynamite, they performed OK. Now on Dynamite, I see a huge difference!
—Diane Pagel  Distributor, Washington

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