Monday, December 31, 2012

180 Testimonial—Barbara & Erin's Story

Barbara "After"
Mother and Daughter Team
In 2010 I read Dr. Peter D'Adamo's book, "Eat Right for your Blood Type." I decided to follow his program. I am type O+. I discovered that I am gluten intolerant and I knew that my thyroid function was "low-normal." I now read every label of every food I eat. I avoid gluten and corn in ALL forms. My diet is high in protein and I avoid foods that interfere with thyroid function. In addition to my Dynamite regimen; I make sure I get 4000/5000mgs of Vitamin D daily and extra kelp in the form of bladderwrack (for thyroid function). I lost 30 lbs. following the blood type diet and knew I needed to lose more. When I came to  Spring Conference this year and heard all the success stories about 180; I decided to try it. 

Erin "After"

I also told my daughter, Erin about the products. She was very overweight and addicted to soda. She really wanted to lose weight but works two very physical jobs. She was using the sodas for the caffeine and sugar. She decided to try the 180 protocol. By using 180, Dynamite's supplements, and Mega Botanicals, she has stayed on the program and in the last 4 ½ months has lost 65lbs!
I have lost 30lbs since May as well and now weigh 135lbs. This is the least I have weighed in 20 years! I am now in "lock in.” Erin will stay on the Protocol for a while yet but we both now have the knowledge and tools to control our weight and thus our future. Thank You Dynamite!
Barbara Chapman & Erin Holloway, Distributors

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