Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dynamite Testimonial—Pebble and the Century Club

Photo compliments of Deborah Nicely
On August 25th my 24 year old Thoroughbred horse, Pebble, and I rode a dressage test at a recognized show in order that I might qualify to become a member of The Century Club. This is a club where the horse and rider's age have to add up to 100.  We performed successfully and became the 116th team in the US to join the club. I had to work hard to get ready because I had broken a thigh 3 years earlier and was unable to ride for 2-1/2 years due to extra complications. Consequently, my mare did not have the exercise she needed to keep her fit. We worked hard in the preceding weeks to master the test (Training 2), I to strengthen my legs and she to gain the strength and flexibility to do a good canter circle. But we were both in very good health. 
Photo compliments of Deborah Nicely
I attribute that to the fine support of Dynamite products. Pebble has been on Dynamite vitamins, PGR (3 to 4-1/2 pounds a day), Dyna-Pro (7 squirts per feed to ward off any return of ulcers), and Free and Easy, which has kept her kicking up her heels and jumping, regardless of age. 
I thrive with DMPlus, Free and Easy (can't function without it), occasionally Tri-mins (if I am cramping), and SOD in winter (I am 77.) We had a great audience of good friends and completed the test with no mishap, coming just short of 60 (alas). But it was good enough, and Pebble was delighted. Thank you Dynamite!

-Deborah Nicely, Dynamite Distributor

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