Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dyna Pro Prebiotic Supplement for all Animals

Naturally-occurring gut bacteria are responsible for much of the digestive process including the production of vital enzymes which help break down and assimilate food. These good bacteria (microbes) also assist in vitamin production for the animal and help prevent harmful bacteria from entering and multiplying in the digestive tract. Dyna Pro is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency by nourishing the natural, good, gut bacteria and encouraging them to reproduce and multiply. Over the years, environmental toxins have increased, forage quality and food availability has decreased, and stress remains high, which affects the digestion and physiology of animals. These factors have all contributed to the need for Dyna Pro.

This product is great for daily use and can be especially helpful if increased during times of physical and psychological stress. Travel, competition, breeding, or diet changes can dramatically disrupt an animal’s metabolism by destroying or depleting the beneficial intestinal bacteria. Dyna Pro is designed to create ideal conditions for good microbes to multiply and thrive, allowing for optimal utilization of food and supplements, resulting in a vibrant animal!

• Dyna Pro may be fed over the daily ration, or squirted directly into the mouth. Keep in mind that directions are approximate dosages. Using more than the recommended dose will not harm your animals.

• Dyna Pro may be fed with any Dynamite product or other nutritional supplement. In fact, it increases the effectiveness of any feed.

• Increase the amount of Dyna Pro you feed any time you notice the slightest disruption of the digestive process or when your animal is under stress.

Recommended for support of gut health. Dyna Pro supplements the flora found in the lower digestive tract. Dosing calculations are based on weight, metabolism, environmental factors, forage quality, and food availability, for all animals regardless of species, size, and physiology. Due to AAFCO guidelines, Dyna Pro is packaged and labeled for specific species, but is safe to use on any animal. Please see chart below for suggested usage.

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