Thursday, May 31, 2012

Understanding Body pH Leads to Super Greens Product from Dynamite Specialty Products

Balancing your body's pH level optimizes overall health and vitality. Dynamite's new Mega Botanicals "super food" is packed full of powerful ingredients that help balance the body's pH level, increase energy and provide long lasting health benefits.

The American diet and lifestyle has changed drastically over the past 200 years. A recent study conducted by Research Reports in Clinical Cardiology has found that the addition of refined oils, grains, and sugars in foods, as well as modern conveniences that allow for less physical activity, could pose serious health risks for Western society. The adoption of this diet and lifestyle plays a major factor in the prevalence of chronic, widespread disease such as, type II diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and heart disease.[1] More and more, people are beginning to understand the effects of their poor diet and lifestyle, and are looking for solutions to keep them healthier. Our body pH serves as a measuring stick to how well we are balanced.The human body can only function in a very narrow range of alkalinity. When body pH falls outside of this range, toward acidity, illness can occur. 

Just as every food has a caloric value and nutritional content, they also contain an intrinsic alkaline-forming or acid-forming trait. Callie Novak, CEO of Dynamite Specialty Products, says, “Generally speaking, plant tissues like vegetables and fruits are alkalizing foods, while heavily processed foods and cooked meats are acidifying.” When our body pH moves closer to acidity, strange things happen in our physiology to correct the imbalance, such as pulling minerals from important organs, inflammation and edema. Extended periods of imbalance can lead to very serious health problems.
Maintaining balance goes further than keeping a tab on what one consumes. Stress, illness, pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, and negative thoughts also contribute to the body’s acidity.  When we are under stress, we demand our cells to be more active. If proper nutrition isn’t in place, metabolism can further slow, energy production is disrupted, inflammation can occur, as well as many other affects that can lead to serious illnesses and diseases.  
Dr. Jennifer Judkins is an otolaryngologist whose primary focus is the treatment of diseases, allergies and related disorders of the ears nose and throat. She says, “Our bodies can deal with our acidic behavior when we are young, but if those habits don't change, we will eventually be unable to properly function metabolically. The result is diabetes, obesity, cancer, immune dysfunction (allergies/intolerances). I believe obesity is at least partially related to the body trying to dilute the acidity in our bodies, by expanding our volume.”
Americans are turning to products that will adjust their pH for better health. For example, newly released Mega Botanicals, made by Dynamite Specialty Products, contains six forms of organic and concentrated chlorophyll super greens, trace minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics, medicinal mushrooms and more. Each ingredient plays a role in balancing pH. Novak added, “Mega Botanicals’ ingredients address pH through several avenues. We know it’s not that easy for people to take time from their busy lives to think about their body’s pH. If it was, Americans wouldn’t have so many health problems.”

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