Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dynamite Testimonials - Solace

I recently got my first bottle of Solace. I also recently put a nice cut in my finger which, I should have had stitched, but was in the middle of nowhere and busy, so no go. I have been putting Solace on it and bandaging, and it is almost healed.
—Linda Goddard  Distributor, Minnesota

Distributor Jennifer Judkins introduced me to Solace five years ago when we were at a clinic. I had nasty blisters on each hand… Jen noticed and dabbed some Solace over each one and stuck on bandages. I rode with gloves the rest of the week anyway, but the blisters stopped hurting and no longer seemed to be heading toward infection. They healed up by the end of the clinic, when they otherwise probably would have taken much longer and been much more painful… This summer, I used [Solace] diluted with water and scrubbed one of our horses who had rainrot. He had had numerous baths with medicated shampoo in the few weeks he was with us, but to no avail. A week after the Solace round, he was all healed up.

—Katelin Johnson  Dynamite Customer

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