Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dolphins and Penguins and Izmine, Oh My!

This fantastic story is being republished with the kind permission of Silver Director Joan Ranquet. In your adventures as a Dynamite distributor you may never get to treat dolphins or penguins but this story truly goes to show the power of Dynamite products in all living creatures. 

There we were, in the middle of the ocean... okay, just off the Bahamas, Bimini to be exact, Ernest Hemmingway's playground. This is my first time out on an Animal Communication Dolphin trip with Dolphin Expeditions (please note, first time out)....

We had become pretty intimate as a group, we have learned dolphin info, we've meditated together, had a transformational breath ceremony, we broke bread, etc. The crew consists of Captain Geoffrey, Bradley, a Bahamian, Jerry, a true pirate (treasure hunter with a show coming out) and Jillian, a former dolphin trainer, a yogi, a chef for the boat, our magnificent 'in the water' guide, the best photographer, a DOLPHIN MAGNET and all around great gal. We could bestow each member of the crew with the title: Dolphin Whisperer!

So there I am with a couple of the attendees on this trip and they ask each other how they knew about me or the trip…One Denver person pipes in, "well, I'm in Joan's downline in a company called Dynamite!"  That could and should seem super obscure. Out of the galley comes a yell from Jillian as she is making some extraordinary culinary delight between dolphin swims and photographs, "DYNAMITE?"

Jillian steps out and explains that she was a dolphin trainer for the biggest mall in the world. I thought for sure she meant the one in Minneapolis; she let me know (with Canadian pride) that the Minneapolis mall is owned by the same people with an even bigger mall in Canada. That is where she was a dolphin trainer.

Somehow, they (the Dolphin trainers and veterinarians) got a hold of Dynamite products and put Izmine in the water for the dolphins. The dolphins thrived with this in their chlorinated water. It gets better.

Apparently, they had Penguins either in the show or in training and one of the Penguins had developed a good sized goiter. The treatment? Izmine. The Izmine reduced the goiter completely. Eventually, they had all of the Penguins on Izmine.

There I was in the ocean talking to someone whose love and respect for what the Dynamite products have done for the animals in her care was unsurpassed by any other treatment or product. Who knew?!

Izmine™ is an unusually effective mineral food containing more than 70 naturally-occurring minerals, enzymes, electrolytes and bio-nutrients in a readily-assimilated form. Its natural acidity contributes to its high degree of assimilation. Izmine™ is extracted from prehistoric, organic deposits in which kelp, crustacean and other marine flora and fauna have blended for millions of years. It is an excellent source of micro-trace elements (minerals required by the body in minute amounts) such as selenium, chromium, vanadium, germanium, etc. Since it is a carbon-based product, it acts as a natural detoxifier.

In my personal opinion, Izmine also seems to jump start the electrical system. Anything related to the nervous system seems to benefit from a dose of Izmine. Also, the endocrine system...women with night sweats, horses challenged by hormones, stress or "out of their body", dogs/cats that are intact - Izmine will ground their being.

When we look at the penguin goiter - a goiter can range from a pesky thyroid abnormality to a huge tumor looking like a thing with a life of its own. This penguin is probably eating pretty natural raw foods of fish (probably with a high mercury content) while 'surviving' with the challenge of living in captivity. For the Izmine alone to treat the goiter on a penguin, the Izmine must mineralize the system while also creating a true grounding of the adrenals and all the other functions of the hormones while addressing a low dose of fight or flight. I secretly see the endocrine system as a bunch of Disney theme parks in Orlando that are all affected by weather systems coming in. Stress to any of the hormones will affect the others and could shut the whole park down. Izmine seems to connect and soothe the entire web of hormones in the endocrine system.  

Izmine also does well in conjunction with the homeopathic Hypericum when the nerves are challenged. For grounding, Izmine is an excellent mineral in conjunction with copper (yes, you could tape a penny on their feet! Or find copper bracelets!) This is an extraordinary grounding mineral for dogs, cats, horses, people, ferrets, the list goes on. Izmine also works very well with the essential oil Vetiver.

And yes, same time next year - the Summer Solstice 2012 - Animal Communication Dolphin Trip!