Monday, April 26, 2010

Dynamite Testimonial- Dancer's Miracle

My first experience with a bottle baby goat was a rough one. Dancer was born right after her mom died. She did not get any colostrum and ended up with a horrible case of navel ill. I was told she would not live many times. My vet did not know me very well then. I started Dancer on Trace Minerals Concentrate, Solace, Dyna Pro™, a couple drops of Dyna-Spark™ and a pinch of Excel™, rotating products with each bottle feeding. When she was old enough to nibble, she got Dynamite Plus™ as well. Dancer was being seen by my vet on a weekly basis as she was also on a lot of powerful antibiotics as well. I think my vet was very surprised that Dancer and I kept showing up every week for our check ups, as he was gently warning me that her prognosis was still very slim due to her severe navel ill infection. Yet she was blossoming! We kept on with the Dynamite products, especially the Dyna Pro, and got to a point where our visits went to every three weeks. She was growing in leaps and bounds! Finally, my vet just told me not to stop whatever it was I was doing because she was looking great, and I did not have to bring her back. That was two years ago! With the excellent medical care and the nutritional support she received, she beat that illness and I still have my lovely Dancer! Thank you Dynamite!
Marlene Lynch, Director, Oklahoma

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