Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dynamite Testimonial: Relief from unusual skin reaction

Ever since the age of three, I suffered from skin lesions on my body that resulted from insect bites. Usually I would get bitten and then I’d scratch. However after a time it’d be the dead of winter and a lesion would show up and then MORE lesions would sprout up around the other one once it started to go away. My body is permanently scared because of this. I went to doctors all over the world for them trying to figure out what it was. Doctors had me on various antibiotics over the years. I was instructed to bathe in various stinky substances. One of the treatments was to put an ointment on the sores and then cover appendages (the bites were mostly on arms and legs) with plastic-wrap. One doctor went to as far to say that I was doing this to myself for attention and said I needed an evaluation from a therapist! Well, I went off to college and I became old enough to decide for myself what to do. So I did absolutely nothing and decided to just live with it like I always have with no treatment at all. When I was about 24 I started to use Dynamite on my horses and saw results. I started to use it on myself to see if it helped with the skin problems. I was told to start off on the Elixir™. I then started taking Dynamite®, Tri-Mins™, PMS., and Hair, Skin and Nails. Well for the first time since I was three years old I went a full year without any sores! Whatever Dynamite did for me helped when no other doctor could! 
—Johanna Dominguez Manager, New York

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