Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Remedy for Cold Sores/ Canker Sores

Try using: Trace Minerals Concentrate Why it works: Trace Minerals Concentrate acts as a natural anti-viral. We are not sure the exact mechanism, but TMC has anti-viral properties. Try this, too: Solace Why it works: Solace, Dynamite's highly concentrated colloidal silver product acts as a natural anti-viral. In fact, silver is used in hospitals to kill MRSA and other anti-biotic resistant bacteria and viruses. "If you get cold sores, you know you will feel a tingle in the area before becomes a full blown sore. Next time you feel the tingle put some Liquid Trace Minerals on a cotton swab and dab at the area every few hours. If it already has become a full blown sore-TMC will clear it up in a very short time." -Sheila Ryan Silver Director, Rhode Island