Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do You Have Parasites?

Do You Have Parasites?
by Dr. Regan Golob 

I believe that the single most misdiagnosed health issue in humans is parasites. In my 19 years of being in the health care field, I have found that about 60% of all people test positive for parasites. Some signs of parasite infestation in humans are: itchy ears, forgetfulness, slow reflexes, unclear thinking, gas and bloating, change of appetite (increase or decrease), fast heartbeat or heart pains, pain in the navel, persistent unproductive cough, blurry or unclear vision, pain in the back, thighs and shoulders, lethargy, numb hands, burning sensation in the stomach area, drooling while sleeping, grinding teeth while sleeping, yellowish face, bed-wetting, skin rashes, menstrual problems in women, and sexual dysfunction in men. 

A parasite is an organism that lives off the host, meaning you. It feeds off either our energy, our cells, the food we eat or the supplements we use. Parasites are programmed just like every organism on this planet, to survive and reproduce. They eat, lay eggs and secrete wastes. Some parasites cause you to crave sugars, possibly creating a diabetic host. These parasites live mainly in the digestive tract. More dangerous ones live in the organs, eating the food before it can nourish you. Microscopic in size, they may also eat the cartilage lining in your joints or the myelin sheath (protein coating) on your nerves. The waste material secreted by parasites can create a toxic overload in your body, and just living in the 20th century is toxic enough. There are more than 1000 species of parasites that can live in your body, and conventional tests are available for only about 50 types. This brings the ability to find parasites with traditional testing down to only about 5%. Parasites come from contaminated drinking water, inhaling dust particles, eating vegetables, and eating raw or lightly cooked meats. Those of us in close contact with animals are at risk for parasite infestation. 

So what is one to do? First, let's keep the stomach working well. That means producing enough stomach acid to easily digest protein. High stomach acid is your first line of defense against parasites and bacteria. It kills them before they can enter your system. So take note, all you antacid users! I take and recommend Dynamite® Elixir™ for optimum digestion, to increase the stomach acid and help your stomach work properly. Drinking Dynamite® Miracle Clay™ water once a week will help pull toxins from the body and also get rid of some intestinal parasites. Many of my friends and I have had amazing results from taking Dynamite® Herbal Tonic™ in the spring and fall for 28 days. The amount that has worked for me is 2 double 00 capsules twice a day (that is for a 160 pound person). Please note that this is my choice only as it is not an approved use for Dynamite® Herbal Tonic™, which is labeled for animal use only. Keep your pH up in the more alkaline range by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and taking your Dynamite® minerals. Parasites, bacteria and viruses and even cancer like the acid environment produced by eating meats, dairy, sugars, carbohydrates. Consult your health care practitioner for appropriate advice if you feel you may have parasites. Recommended reading: (Both books out of print - request through your library.) "Animals Parasitic in Man" by Geoffrey Lapye "The Essentials of Medical Parasitology" by Thomas T. Brooks